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America's Best Comics (ABC) was an imprint of WildStorm founded by Alan Moore in 1999 as an outlet for creator-owned work.



Genre No. of Issues/Collections Description Cover
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Action, adventure, drama, literary pastiche

Volume 1 (six issues)

Volume 2 (six issues)

The Black Dossier

Volume 3: Century (ongoing)

Originally started as "the Justice League of Victorian England" using characters from popular Victorian fiction. By the time The Black Dossier hit the shelves, the concept had evolved into "all fiction ever coexists in this universe."

Promethea Fantasy, adventure, esoteric 32 issues, collected into five trade paperbacks. This started as a story about the power of ideas and imagination, as well as their importance in the real world. It eventually evolved into a dissertation about how reality, conciousness, art, religion, philosophy, language and imagination can be linked under the banner of "magic." Basically, It's Alan Moore sharing his beliefs with the world in comic form.
Top Ten Crime, sci-fi, fantasy, procedural, slice of life. 12 issues collected into two trades (plus some spinoff volumes) Being about the days and times of the members of a police precint in a city where everybody (from the police themselves to the criminals to street vendors and even pets) have superpowers and a secret identity.
Smax Fantasy, comedy 4 issues After the events of Top Ten, Robyn accompanies Smax back to his homeland, a fantasy land where all genre conventions and clichés are a commonplace reality.
The 49ers Sci-fi Graphic novel A prequel to Top Ten, detailing the times when Captain Traynor arrived to Neopolis and how he met his future lover.
Tom Strong Superhero, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy 36 issues Tom Strong was raised in a high-gravity chamber and given an intensive education by his scientist parents on a West Indian island. He is physically and mentally perfect and ages at a very slow rate. The series explores many different timelines and universes, which are a nod to different comic genres and eras.
Tomorrow Stories Anthology 12 issues, plus two specials A collection of pulp-inspired short stories featuring the same characters every issue.