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Annihilation promo art
Promotional cover art to Annihilation # 1
Art by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
Creative Teams


Keith Giffen (Prologue, Silver Surfer, Annihilation)
Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (Nova)
Simon Furman (Ronan)
Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Super Skrull)


Scott Kolins (Prologue)
Renato Arlem (Silver Surfer)
Kev Walker (Nova)
Jorge Lucas (Ronan)
Gregory Titus (Super Skrull)
Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation)

Publication Info

No. of issues

6 (main tie-in)


Marvel Comics


Monthly / One-shot


Science Fiction, Superhero

Annihilation is a Marvel Comics 2006 crossover storyline highlighting several relatively under-used outer space-related characters in the Marvel Universe. The series was piloted by Keith Giffen, with editor Andy Schmidt.

Annihilation started with a 48-page one-shot issue entitled Annihilation: Prologue which was released on March 15, 2006 and then followed by four 4-issue mini-series: Annihilation: Silver Surfer (April 1, 2006), Annihilation: Super-Skrull (April 12, 2006), Annihilation: Nova (April 19, 2006), and Annihilation: Ronan (April 26, 2006). The event concludes with a 6-issue limited series entitled Annihilation, bringing the four stories together, and a Post-Annihilation 2-issue mini-series. The limited series Drax the Destroyer: Earth Fall (September 28, 2005) was a prelude to the event.

Reading Order for Annihilation and Cosmic Marvel[]

Thanos 7-12 (1-6 are optional, they aren't that good or necessary to the storyline)
Drax the Destroyer 1-4
Annihilation Prologue
Nova (limited series) 1-4
Super Skrull 1-4
Silver Surfer 1-4
Ronan 1-4
Annihilation 1-6
Annihilation Heralds of Galactus 1-2

Nova (ongoing) 1-3

Annihilation Conquest:
Annihilation Conquest Prologue
Starlord 1-4
Quasar 1-4
Wraith 1-4
Annihilation Coquest 1-5
Nova 4-7
Annihilation Conquest 6

Nova 8-9
Nova annual 1
Nova 10-22
Guardians of the Galaxy 1-7
Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1-4

War of Kings:
War Of Kings Saga
X-Men: Kingbreaker 1-4
Guardians Of The Galaxy 7-10
Secret Invasion: War Of Kings
War of Kings Warriors 1-2
War Of Kings Darkhawk 1-2
Guardians of the Galaxy 11-12
War Of Kings 1
Nova 23-24
War Of Kings #02
War Of Kings: Ascension #1
Guardians Of The Galaxy #13
War Of Kings #03
War Of Kings: Ascension #02
Nova #25
Guardians Of The Galaxy #14
War Of Kings: The Savage World Of Skaar
Nova #26
War Of Kings #04
War Of Kings: Ascension #03
Guardians Of The Galaxy #15
War Of Kings #05
War Of Kings: Ascension #04
Nova #27
Guardians Of The Galaxy #16
War Of Kings #06
Guardians Of The Galaxy #17
Nova 28-29
War Of Kings: Who Will Rule?

Guardians of the Galaxy 18-19

Realm of Kings:
Realm of Kings 1 (One-Shot)
Realm of Kings: Inhumans 1-4
Realm of Kings Imperial Guard 1-4
Nova 30-35
Guardians of the Galaxy 20-25