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Avatar Press started out as a noted publisher of T&A centered comics. However, unlike most of their competitors, they had uncensored nudity, sex, and gore on nearly every page. Later they moved away from that by licensing franchises like Robocop and Nightmare on Elm Street and publishing related miniseries, and by offering big-name authors the chance to publish creator-owned works with no content restrictions whatsoever.

Recently they opened up another imprint, called Boundless, which started with a refreshed Lady Death comic, and Avatar announced that others among their original T&A line (unseen for a number of years) will be reappearing as part of that imprint as well.

Alan Moore[]


Genre No. of Issues/Collections Description Cover
A Hypothetical Lizard Fantasy 4 issues A young girl undergoes a bizarre brain surgery so she can work at a brothel for sorcerers. In there, she is witness to a destructive relationship between two of the prostitutes that work there.
Another Suburban Romance Anthology One-shot Three poems by Alan Moore adapted into sequential art. Includes "old gangsters never die", "jenny switched off the tv" and "another suburban romance."
Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance (2003) (01)
The Courtyard Lovecraftian horror 2 issues An undercover FBI agent investigates a series of identical but unrelated murders. He believes a street drug named "aklo" might have something to do with it.
Courtyard Companion cover
Neonomicon Lovecraftian horror 4 issues A sequel to The Courtyard. Two FBI agents pick up the ritual murders investigation and discover a subculture of rock music and sex clubs built around H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.
Neo 00 copy
A Small Killing Thriller, drama One-shot A publicist is hired to promote a popular american soda in Soviet territory. As he ponders on how to approach this campaign, he reminisces on key events in his life. He also deals with a small kid who seems to be stalking him and apparently wants him dead.
Small Killing 00fc
Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths Anthology 3 issues Various stories by Alan Moore collected into three issues, including texts from a lost novel and a brief companion piece to From Hell.
YC2 cover

Warren Ellis[]


Genre No. of Issues/Collections Description Cover
Bad World Conspiracy 3 issues Warren Ellis shares interesting and bizarre factoids related to conspiracy and fringe theories.
Bad World 3 c01-rc1
Crécy War, historical fiction One-shot

A retelling of the Battle of Crecy, in which a heavily outnumbered army of Englishmen fighting against the French won the battle by creating tactics that went to become commonplace in modern warfare.

Dark Blue Crime, noir, thriller One-shot A detective is searching for a serial killer who scribbles LD50 on the walls.
Dark Blue TPB c01
FreakAngels Sci-fi, thriller Webcomic, collected into five volumes 23 years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment. 6 years ago, the world ended. This is the story of what happened next.
Freak Angels- 001
No Hero Sci-fi, crime, superhero 7 issues
Nh 07 01
Scars Crime, noir, thriller 6 issues A disgraced detective desperately tries to find a killer who cuts up little girls and stuffs the pieces in cardboard boxes.


Superhero, sci-fi, especulative fiction 5 issues Amidst a devastated London, a scientist tells the story of how some of the biggest nations in the world engaged into a second cold war by attempting to create their own gods.
Sg 01 001a

Garth Ennis[]


Genre No. of Issues/Collections Description Cover
303 War A very hard man leads the Russian special forces team that is investigating a downed plane in Afghanistan. But when British and US forces also get thrown in the mix, tension turns to carnage as the whole mission goes sideways.
Chronicles of Wormwood Dark comedy, religion, satire

Original series (6 issues)

The Last Enemy (one shot)

The Last Battle (6 issues)

Danny Wormwood is the antichrist. He refused to follow his father's orders to start the apocalypse and now he lives amongst humans as a succesful television producer. He has a beautiful girlfriend and a talking pet rabbit, and he is also best friends with Jesus Christ.
Crossed Post-apocalyptic 10 issues

The Crossed are people who, for undisclosed reasons, have been stripped of inhibition, every shred of morals, and turned into pure evil capable of any atrocity their minds can conjure. A group of men and women band together and attempt to survive the Crossed while looking for refuge.

(protip: Ennis wasn't involved with the Family Values and Psycopath series. You can [and should] skip them.)

Crossed 0 cover

Eric Powell[]


Genre No. of Issues/Collections Description Cover
The Goon 3 issues Avatar published the first three issues of the series. After that Powell moved the series to Dark Horse, where it's been published ever sinve.