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Recommended Reading[]

Irredeemable - What if Superman wasn't a paragon of morality? What if all the whineing and bitching from all the people on Earth got to him? What if he couldn't handle being plagued by every life he didn't save? What if he read the internet? He'd go insane, and it would be horrifing. Mark Waid, one of the greatest superhero writers ever decided to depict these events, and it's a great read. Besides the carnage mentioned it's also about the former allies of the Superman Proxy, the Plutionan, trying to find a way to stop him.

Incorruptible - The flip side of Irredeemable this is the story of Max Damage, who upon seeing the Plutionan go apeshit, decides to become a hero. It featues Damage, his sidekick Jailbait who isn't so ready to go straight, and a cop who Max has dealt with when he washe's evil. Also by Mark Waid

The Incredibles