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Booster Gold
Booster Gold by Benes
Art by Ed Benes
In-story Information


Michael Jon Carter


Booster Gold


Justice League


None, possesses 25th Century tech


Publication Info


DC Comics

Created by

Dan Jurgens

First Appearance

Booster Gold (vol. 1) #1 (February 1986)

Booster Gold is a superhero in publications from DC Comics. Created by Dan Jurgens, he first appeared in Booster Gold v1 #1 (February 1986) and has been a member of the Justice League, DC Comics' all-star team of heroes. The character is initially depicted as a glory-seeking showboat from the future, using knowledge of historical events and futuristic technology to stage high-publicity heroics. Booster develops over the course of his publication history and through personal tragedies to become a true hero weighed down by the reputation he has created for himself.

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