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"Rot in hell, Max" - Blue Beetle


One of the major plot points in the DC Multiverse that has certainly set the mood for a much serious tone. Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle is investigating some minor thefts within his company. He contacts some of his superhero friends in order to help him on this case, some "A-listers" like Superman and Batman paid little heed to such a small crime and decide to do some "major stuff" on their own while some like Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter are sympathetic but do little to help Ted Kord. The only person that was willing to help him, Booster Gold, was caught in an accident and was incapacitated. In the end, it was up to Ted Kord to investigate the matter which eventually leads him to a much greater conspiracy which would affect the superhuman community greatly.

Essentially one of five of the major storylines that would tie up in Infinite Crisis, it is a much read if you are trying to catch up with the Modern Age of DC Comics as some elements of Countdown to Infinite Crisis is still present in present major storylines.