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250px-Daredevil 65
In-story Information


Matthew Michael "Matt" Murdock






Radar sense
Superhuman senses


Highly skilled acrobat
Hand-to-Hand combat
Utilization of specially designed baton

Publication Info


Marvel Comics

Created by

Stan Lee
Bill Evertt

First Appearance

Daredevil #1 (April 1964)

This guy has a fucking awful life, so bad it makes Batman look like a crybaby. I'll try list this shit for you:

  • His mum ditches him when he's a kid
  • His dad's a 'has been' boxer with a drinking problem.
  • He gets bullied at school, and has to work all the time and not get into fights otherwise his dad'll get all pissy and hit him.
  • In the process of saving some old blind guy he gets radioactive isotopes in his eyes, permanent blinding him but also juicing up his other senses. Kinda cool but also pretty shit. This also inadvertently creates the Ninja Turtles, but that's another story.
  • His dad gets fucking murdered for not throwing a fight.
  • He gets abandoned by his Ninja master. Yeah he has a Ninja master, what of it?
  • He gets abandoned by his sexy greek psycho girlfriend.
  • That sexy greek psycho girlfriend comes back into his life and gets all kindsa killed by Bullseye.
  • Some other shit happens but I'm too lazy to go into it. Basically his life gets torn apart by his archenemy, more loved ones die and one of them goes insane.

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