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A series by Warren Ellis. The first six issues had artwork by JH Williams III and José Villarubia. The next two issues had arwotk by Danijel Zezelj and Villarubia.


Michael Jones is a former MI6 agent. He was chosen to participate in a secret government project called the "Desolation Test." The specifics of this test remain undisclosed, but it affected Jones physically and mentally. He rarely sleeps, suffers from chronic pain, must avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight (he is most definitely not a vampire, mind you), has constant hallucinations and shows no trace of any emotion, though he has no qualms about killing people if necessary. A shadow of his former self, he now makes a living as a private detective of sorts.

In the first storyline, comprising the first six issues, he is hired to find a stolen collection of pornographic films that allegedly belonged to Adolf Hitler and may contain a home video of the Fuhrer himself.

The second storyline had only two issues and to this day remains unfinished. Warren Ellis has stated that, following the collapse of WildStorm, it's highly unlikely it'll ever be completed.