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Comics from Europe and other places around the world.

If postng comics here, please state the writer, country of origin, and what translations are available.

Recommended Reading[]

  • Blacksad [Spanish] (Juan Díaz Canales)
  • The Metabarons [Chilean] (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
  • The Incal [Chilean] (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
  • Thorgal [Belgian] (Jean Van Hamme)
  • Corto Maltese [Italian] (Hugo Eugenio Pratt)
  • Cerebus [Canadian] (Dave Sim)
  • Sky Doll [French] (Alessandro Barbucci)
  • The Adventures of Tintin [Belgian] (Georges Rémi)
  • Druuna [Italian] (Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri)
  • Arzach [French] (Jean Henri Gaston Giraud aka Moebius)
  • Hombre [Spanish] (Antonio Segura)
  • Pyongyang - A Journey In North Korea [Canadian] (Guy Delisle)

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