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Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider
In-story Information


Ghost Rider


Johnny Blaze
Danny Ketch
Spirit of Vengeance
Frank Ryder
Noble Kale




Superhuman strength and durability
Ability to project regular and ethereal flame
Ability to travel between inter-dimensional realms and along any surface
"Penance Stare"


Enchanted Hellfire Chain
Flaming motorcycle

Publication Info


Marvel Comics

Created by

Roy Thomas
Gary Friedrich
Mike Ploog

First Appearance

Marvel Spotlight #5 (Aug. 1972)

Johnny Blaze was a professional stunt cyclist. He was adopted early in life by a man named Crash Simpson, who had a smoking problem. After smoking for so many years, Crash was diagnosed with lung cancer and presumed to die.

In an effort to save his stepfather, Blaze unknowingly sold his soul to Mephisto. Although Crash obtains his health, he quickly dies in a stunt. Enraged, Blaze attempts to run away, but Mephisto arrives, claiming that his soul was his and that he wasn't going anywhere.

Mephisto then transformed Blaze into the Ghost Rider to defeat a Demon known as Daimon Hellstrom. Succeeding, Blaze continues to serve Mephisto during the night.

Danny Ketch (the 90s' Ghost Rider) was walking in the streets of New York City one day when he was attacked by a mob of gangsters. Terrified, he fled to a dump, where a found a magical sigil. Upon touching the sigil, he suddenly obtained the powers of the Ghost Rider.

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Ghost rider