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Héctor German Oesterheld is the arguably the most talented South American Comic Book writer to have lived. Oesterheld was active in comics from the 1950's to 1970's, before he was killed by the Argentine government. His most famous works are El Eternauta and Mort Cinder. Oesterheld's works deal with Science Fiction, Horror, and anti-fascist themes and are no doubt inspired by the tumult that his country was trapped in.

Selected Works[]

El Eternauta: Snow falls upon the Earth, creating a pure landingstrip for the arriving Alien invasion. A small resistance force bands together to attempt and fight back t

Mort Cinder

Mort Cinder

he extraterrestials. This comic has three parts, although only the first and second are notable.

Mort Cinder: The story of an immortal man who has seen everything from mankind's attempt to rise from the chaos of the great flood to the horrors of the first World War. He arises from the dead after a failed assasination attempt and finds himself pursued for the purpose of having his brain extracted.

Download Links[]

Currently there are no scanned versions of English translations of his works.

El Eternauta:


Mort Cinder: