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"Everyone's entitled to one good scare."

Recommended Comics[]

  • Halloween: Nightdance (Stefan Hutchinson/Tim Seeley)
In the sleepy town of Russellville, Illinois, a young girl named Lisa tries to wrestle with her demons. Socially dysfunctional, she lives with a chronic fear of darkness, terrified of the monsters that it hides. Halloween is coming, and Lisa has every reason to be afraid. Out there, in the shadows something - someone - is waiting for her. As the night moves ever closer, and the danger moves toward Lisa, it becomes horribly clear that not everyone will make it through to the morning.
Michael Myers is back and death lurks on every corner.
  • Halloween: 30 Years Of Terror (Stefan Hutchinson/Various)
A one-shot comic anthology, celebrating the 30th anniversary of John Carpenter’s original Halloween, dealing with characters from the original movie.
  1. Trick or Treat features the MacKenzies, unseen characters from the first film who Tommy and Lindsey run to for help.
  2. P.O.V. shows a murder from the point of view of both Michael and his victim.
  3. Visiting Hours shows Laurie Strode reflecting on how her life could have been had her brother never found her in 1978.
  4. Tommy and the Boogeyman reveals that Tommy Doyle grew up to write horror comics.
  5. Repetition Compulsion Dr. Loomis tries to predict where Michael will strike next on Halloween, 1989.
  • Halloween: The First Death Of Laurie Strode #1-2 (Stefan Hutchinson/Jeff Zornow)
Afer the events of Halloween II, Laurie Strode is convinced that Michael Myers is still alive and continuing his murder spree, but no one believes her. Is Michael really alive? Or is Laurie simply sinking into the depths of insanity? Only one other person knows for sure, Dr. Sam Loomis. But as the town of Haddonfield tries to cope with the numerous deaths caused by Myers, the good doctor is the last person they want to see.
NOTE: The third and final issue of this series was never published due to licensing conflicts.