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Everyone looks up to you. They listen to you. If you tell them to fight, they'll fight. But they need to be inspired.

And let's face it, "Superman" ... the last time you really inspired anyone was when you were dead.

- Batman, Infinite Crisis #1

Infinite Crisis[]

The DC Universe has spiralled downward to become DARKER and EDGIER. Wonder Woman has snapped Maxwell Lord's neck, Batman created Brother Eye to spy on his fellow heroes, Superman DIED and was brought back to life. The good old days were gone and the heroes have to live by with the decisions that they have made.

What would the old school heroes think of the things that the newer generation are doing?

This was the main concept for the creation of Infinite Crisis as the 20th celebration of the very first crisis: Crisis on Infinite Earths. The four remaining survivors of the first crisis: the Golden-Age Superman and his wife Lois Lane, Superboy-Prime, and Alexander Luthor took action as they saw the chaos gripping the DC Universe. The events that occured in the OMAC Project, Rann-Thanagar War, Day of Vengeance, and Villians United are all tied-in as Alexander Luthor's master plan in finding the "perfect" Earth.

Infinite Crisis is also notorious for spawning the whiner and wipeass Superboy-Prime, now possibly one of the strongest villains in the DC Universe.