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Jsa by cooke

The JSA with art by Darwyn Cooke.

"During the days of World War II, a group of costumed mystery men gathered together to form the first and greatest super-hero team of all time. Now, fighting alongside the surviving original members, a new generation of heroes has been born, promising to uphold the legacy their predecessors created and inspire other heroes across the world. Today, the Justice Society of America lives again!"

The Justice Society of America, or, JSA is the first team of superheroes in comic book history. Currently they reside on Earth 2 as younger versions of themselves.

Recommended Comics[]

  • DC Special #29 (Untold Origin)
  • JSA #1-87 (James Robinson) / (Geoff Johns)
  • Justice Society of America #1-26 (Geoff Johns)
  • Earth 2 #1-current (James Robinson)
  • Hawkman #23-25
  • JSA Secret files & origins #1-2
  • All Star Comics 80-page Giant #1
  • Golden Age Secret Files & Origins
  • Justice Society of America #1-26
  • JSA Classified #1-4
  • JLA / JSA : Virtue & Vice
  • JLA / JSA : Secret Files & Origins
  • Dr. Mid-Nite
  • The Golden Age
  • JSA : The Liberty File, The Unholy Three, The Whistling Skull
  • Eart 2 #1-16, #0, Annual #1