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Autobiographical, WWII, historical

Friends? Your friends?... If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week... ...then you could see what it is, friends!...

Maus: A Survivors Tale - Art SpiegelmenEdit

The historical graphic novel biography of an Auschwitz survivor, told through the artistic talents and perspectives of his distant son. Maus is a god tier recommendation on /co/s list of independent comics. Essentially a historical commentary/biography/'rift between father and son' story, taking place in and around 1970s New York city and 1940s Poland. The art style is bold and parodies cartoon iconography, while the writing takes us into the creators mind at points, providing an interesting dual narrative. Hailed as a literature success, winning respect and prizes across the board: Maus is highly recommended for new comers to comics, as well as comic fans looking for something unique.