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Paradox Press[]

They published the series The Big Book of..., each book being comic book renditions of people, fads, theories, historical events and all sorts of things related to the book's topic. Combining facts and humor, each book had collaborations from many diverse writers and artists. The themes for each of the books are:

  • The '70s
  • Bad (bad people, bad taste, bad science, etc)
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Death (from the history of capital punishment to theories about the afterlife)
  • Freaks (mainly circus and medical freaks)
  • Grimm (faithful renditions of classic fairytales in all their original cruelty)
  • Hoaxes
  • Little Criminals
  • Losers
  • Martyrs
  • Scandal!
  • Thugs
  • The Unexplained
  • Urban Legends
  • Vice
  • The Weird Wild West
  • Weirdos

They also published Road to Perdition and the first printing of A History of Violence.

Piranha Press[]

A defunct DC Comics imprint. Perhaps their best and most famous output was the series Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children by Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman. Each issue is a self-contained prose story by Louapre with gorgeous illustrations by Sweetman. Though it hardly classifies as sequential art, it's included here because it's pretty damn good.

The series ran for 30 issues. The most famous of which is the very first one, A Cotton Candy Autopsy.