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Rick Grimes lived in Cynthiana, Kentucky for most his life. Academically, he entered college for police administration with the intention of becoming a Police Officer. Around this time within his sophomore year, his parents made Rick chaperon at a New Year’s party set up by his parents, but had to attend another party elsewhere. Thanks to his younger brother Jeff, he was introduced to a high school senior named Lori. Although there was some chemistry between them, they couldn't explore a possible relationship due to Lori moving away to also attend college. Despite this Rick and Lori kept in touch with each other while he finished college. After Lori dropped out of her first year in college, she returned to Cynthiana, where they could finally develop their relationship. Soon after Rick and Lori were wed, so Lori became Lori Grimes. During this time, Rick officially becomes a police officer, where he is assigned a partner, and soon best friend, Shane Walsh. Life for Rick was perfect, a burgeoning career in the police force and the happy news of Lori's pregnancy. Soon they had a son whom they named Carl.

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