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Earth-1610 in the Marvel Multi-Universe.  A retelling of the main stream orgin stories and characters from past and present continuities from Earth-616 

Recommended Reading[]

Ultimate Spider-Man V1

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up

Ultimate Marvel Spider-Man V2

Ultimate: Spider-Man: Requiem

Ultimates + Annuals

Ultimates 2 + Annuals

Ultimate X-Men # 1-25

Ultimate Fantastic Four # 1-53

Ultimate: Fantastic Four: Requiem

Ultimate X4

Ultimate Human

Ultimate Armor Wars

Ultimate Iron Man

Ultimate Iron Man II

Ultimate Thor

Ultimate Wolverine VS Hulk

Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

  • Ultimate Nightmare
  • Ultimate Secret
  • Ultimate Extinction

Ultimate Comics: Doomsday Trilogy

  • Ultimate Enemy
  • Ultimate Mystery
  • Ultimate Doom