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Vertigo is a DC imprint that publishes mature stories for mature individuals such as yourself. Seriously though, it's all self contained work and it's great. Think of it like the comic book equivalent of HBO.



Genre No. of Issues/Collections Description Cover
100 Bullets Action, Crime, Thriller, Noir

100 issues

The mysterious hard-ass Agent Graves gives people the chance to take revenge on the people who fucked their life over, and no matter what, they get away with it. But can you really trust him? Who are the Minutemen?


A History Of Violence Crime, thriller, drama Single graphic novel After defending his café from two robbers, Tom McKenna becomes a local celebrity. He is soon visited by a group of gangsters who claim Tom is actually a man named Joey who crossed them 20 years ealier.
01 A History of Violence (Comics)
American Splendor
American Virgin
American Vampire
Animal Man
Animal man 05 cover
Bite Club
Books of Magic
Doom Patrol
Fables Fantasy 109+ issues, ongoing

Characters from fairytales are exiled from their world and come to live and settle in our own.

Has a spinoff, Jack of Fables, and numerous minis that are worth a look if you enjoy it.

Hellblazer Horror, fantasy John Constantine is a sarcastic, cynical, blue collar, chain smoking warlock and confidence man who deals with the supernatural on a daily basis.
House of Mystery
House of Secrets
It's a Bird... Drama, autobiography One single volume A writer is offered the chance to write Superman but he is reluctant to do so, as he believes Superman is outdated and irrelevant. He is given some time to think it over, and during this time he begins to draw parallels between Superman, his own life, and the effects that an incurable, hereditary disease has caused throughout his family history.
Joe the Barbarian Fantasy 8 issues
Kill Your Boyfriend
Madam Xanadu
Northlanders 46 issues (will finish at 50)
Sandman Mystery Theatre
Seaguy Superhero, adventure 6 issues Seaguy is a superhero living in a world where superheroes are no longer needed.
Saga of the Swamp Thing Fantasy, horror
The Exterminators
The Filth 13 Issues
The Invisibles Action, adventure, thriller, conspiracy
The Losers
The Quitter
The Sandman Fantasy, horror 75 issues plus some specials. A series of stories revolving around Dream of the Endless (who are neither Gods nor immortals, but personifications of universal forces). Takes place throughout centuries and involves many elements from world mythology.
The Unkown Soldier
The Unwritten
Transmetropolitan Sci-fi, political, satire 60 issues, collected into 10 volumes. A gonzo journalist returns to the city from a self-imposed exile and quickly finds himself at odds with the two presidential candidates, whom he antagonizes and exposes from a column at a local newspaper.
V for Vendetta Dystopian 10 issues, collected as a single trade In the year 1997 England is one of the few countries that survived a nuclear holocaust. As a means to protect the country, the government has fallen into fascism. An anarchist named V starts a one-man war against the party in power, but what are his motivations? Is he really just a freedom fighter or is it much more complex than that?
We3 Sci-Fi 3 Issues
Y: The Last Man Adventure, Speculative fiction 60 issues All males (human and animal) around the world drop dead at the exact same moment. The only two survivors of the event are a young man named Yorick and his monkey pet. Together they travel cross country as they try to figure out what happened and try to survive in a world now practically run by women.
Young Liars