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This series explores key moments in it's history if they had not occurred as they did in the mainstream continuity.

Recommended Reading[]

What If? v1 # 3 "What If the Avengers had never been?"

What If? v1 # 8 "What If the Spider had been bitten by a Radioactive Human?"

What If? v1 # 11 "What if the Original Marvel Bullpen had been the Fantastic Four?"

What If? v1 # 13 " What if onan Barbarian walked the Earth Today?"

What If? v1 # 19 "What if Spider-Man had never become a Crimefighter?"

What If? v1 # 22 "What if Dr. Doom had become a Hero?"

What If? v1 # 23 "What if Aunt May had been bitten by a radioactive spider?"

What If? v1 # 24 "What if Spider-Man had rescued Gwen Stacy?"

What If? v1 # 27 "The X-Men Ask: What if Phoenix had not died?"

What If? v1 #28 "What if Daredevil became an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D?"

What If? v1 # 32 "What if teh Avengers had become pawns of Korvac?"

What If? v1 # 34 "What If?" (Humor Issue)

What If? v1 # 35 "What if Elektra had lived?"

What If? v1 # 36 "What if the Fantastic Four had not gained their Super-Powers?"

What If? v1 # 39 "What if the Mighty Htor battled Conan the Barbarian?"

What If? v1 # 43 "What if Conan the Barbarian... Were stranded in the 20th Century?"

What If? v1 # 44 "What if Captain America were revived today?"

What If? v2 # 23 "What if the All-New All-Different X-Men had never existed?"

What If? v 2 # 24 "What if Wolverine was Lord of the  Vampires?"

What If? v2 # 26 "What if the Punisher killed Daredevil?"

What If? v2 # 32-33 "What if Phoenix had not died" / "What if Phoenix rose again?"

What If? v2 # 34 "What if no one was watching the Watcher?"

What If? v2 # 41 "What if the Avengers had fought Galactus?"

What If? v 2 # 44 'What if Venom had possessed the Punisher?"

What If? v 2 # 52 "What if Doom became Sorcerer Supreme?"

What If? v 2 # 57 "What if the Punisher became an Agent of Shield?"

What If? v 2 # 58 "What if the Punisher had killed Sider-Man?"

What If? v 2 # 61 "What if Spider-Man parents destroyed his family?"

What If? v 2 # 62 "What if Wolverine battled Weapon X?"

What If? v 2 # 63 "What if War Machine had not destroyed the Living Loser?"

What If? v 2 # 64 "What if Iron Man sold out?"

What If? v 2 # 105 "Legacy" (1st apperance of Spider-Girl)

What If? Secret Wars "What If Doctor Doom had kept the Beyonders power?"

Wha Huh? (Parody issue)